Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My mother died 40 days ago. many people came to share us our sadeness and give us support. Thanks for those who were visiting her during her life, asking about her and sharing her happy moments and sad ones.
My question WHY? is directed toward ladies who came just five years ago, to raise their condolences for my father's death and then vanished. I saw them again when my mother died. WHY they came? Is it just as a  tradition, or for not blaming them that they didn't come. Two of her university friends discovered that she was in Amman, 5 years ago. I thought that they will keep visiting her and talk to her like any normal best friends. Instead, they came after her death. Why? friends need their friends during their lives and not after their death. I was going to scream and ask them Why you are here? no more need for you. It is not only those two friends, many neighbors and friends did the same.
It is too sad to see that happening at our community, islamic and arabic culture. I will never stop asking this question to myself, WHY?
This doesn't mean that there are no great and real friends. They are here, they supported us and asked about us during her life and after. Thanks a lot for those invaluable friends, I won't forget their support ever, and I will keep asking about them and support them as they did. I will continue teaching my children about taking care of the people that they love, and showing them their love during their lives and not after their death.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sisters are priceless gifts

You are lucky if you have a sister. I am so lucky bacause I have four sisters. Each one of them has her own taste and creativity. We love each other, care about each other and share our ideas. I am the eldest, but it doesn't mean that I know everything. Each one of my sisters has her own world and her own experirnce. So, I can learn from all of them. Most of the time I have a different opinion, but their ideas and knowledge enrich mine.
Thank god for this great gift, thanks for mom and dad who learned us how to take care of each other, love each other and respect each other.